The Psychology Department at Rice University is a unique blend of basic and applied psychology. Our breadth of research interests creates a unique learning and research environment. The primary emphasis in the department is on research, in both laboratory and applied settings.

First two IDEA grants awarded

Research proposals to study cross-cultural collaboration in design teams and to develop mobile technology for prevention and management of chronic disease have received Rice’s first two InterDisciplinary Excellence Awards (IDEA). Psychologists Eduardo Salas, Margaret Beier, David Wetter, and Cho Lam will participate in the collaborative research projects.

Rice study details stress-diabetes link

A Rice University study has found a link between emotional stress and diabetes, with roots in the brain’s ability to control anxiety.That control lies with the brain’s executive functions, processes that handle attention, inhibition, working memory, cognitive flexibility, reasoning, problem-solving and planning.

Grants totaling nearly $2M support Rice research of NASA training and selection process

Rice psychology researchers will play a role in NASA’s future deep-space exploration, thanks to two new grants from the space agency totaling $1.8 million. The researchers will help NASA streamline its astronaut selection and training process for long-term missions and aim to reduce human-performance risks associated with long-duration space exploration.

It’s not #TheDress, but a new illusion is stumping the public

Last year the Internet was taken by storm with an image of a dress that some people saw as gold and white but others saw as blue and black. A possible successor to #Dressgate was recently posted to Facebook, and according to some media, the black-and-white image has puzzled “thousands.” But psychologist James Pomerantz can explain why people might be confused.